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While we search the Google engine, often we find ourselves familiarizing with terms such as search engine ranking, Google page position and improving rank etc. But seldom do we understand what it really refers to and how this ranking can be a subject to increase. Moreover, it leaves many picking their brain and splitting hairs as to what criteria manipulates a ranking mechanism so advanced! Here are a few detailed facts that clarify major concepts and after reading this, a lot of things will make more sense.


Page Rank and Google:

Page Rank is basically an algorithm, a procedure or formula that is used widely to solve problems. Especially in the information technology field algorithm is a frequently used term. In contrast to other process, Page Rank is a customized algorithm used mostly by Google Search to rank websites for evaluating and deriving their search engine results. Being a way of measuring the significance and importance of a site, Page Rank comes with a complex mechanism and a simple efficient result.


History and naming:

One of the founders of Google is Computer Scientist Larry Page. After this Google CEO and legendary internet entrepreneur the term PageRank was coined. PageRank is the first algorithm used by Google company and it is also the most well known.


How it works:

Being one of the most important segments of the search engine, this PageRank comes with the most multifaceted mechanisms there is. Although there is tons of coding and logical operation associated to the system, if you wanted a more general answer then PageRank is simply the process of determining the coarse estimate of a web site’s importance through assessing quality and quantity of links or associations to a page. In justification the underlying logic is assumed that the veraciously resourceful sites get more links from other websites.


Get your page ranked high with guarantee:

With that being said, it is clear that Google uses which mechanism to judge your site and assign a rank or position after a series of evaluations. But, unfortunately not all can grasp the essence in the right way. In spite of trying, if this doesn’t work for you then you can safely reach towards professional search engine optimization services provided by various SEO Companies. Not only can you get confirm first page ranking but also great traffic and a regularized site as well. Among the millions of SEO companies, you can find the best service if you opt for the Mavishaa which is based for USA, Australia and UK customers and website owners. Not only does the Mavishaa provide SEO services, but also web design and web development services as well. So find the best deals and get PageRank without any harassment.


This is what Page Rank is all about. Along with enabling never ending possibilities, this algorithm leaves room for innovation, passion and rationality.

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Have you ever thought about making money online? Have you considered Search engine optimization a means of making good money in a short time? Well if you haven’t then it is high time you should consider the great possibilities it carries in the virtual world of internet and websites. Veraciously SEO is a magnificent talent for obtaining huge traffic and ranking. And if you posses this great talent and required skills, then why let it go to waste? Here are a few reasons why you should develop your SEO skills seriously-




  • Given that the person is a hard worker, the SEO skills are easy to learn and develop.
  • While SEO is conducted for a particular site, a lot of criteria are to be considered and maintained. As such, directly or indirectly helping the search engine to maintain quality content of sites.
  • Search engine optimization is such an activity that can be done from home and money can be easily earned online.
  • The investment for the SEO service requires very little investment and gives a way big amount of return within a short time. Initially, apart from the learning materials, websites and domain names cost all you need is a computer and internet connection if you are efficient enough!
  • Finally, the resources and tutorials to learn and practice search engine optimization are readily available all throughout the internet. So you can get the resources very easily and at reasonable rates from professional.

So since Search engine optimization is easy to learn, helps maintain good quality of site content, can be done comfortably from home, requires very little investment and have readily available almost anywhere online, it is a great way to make money online.

However, like all other works, it is not all bed of roses and all sunshine throughout. Along with the perks come a few challenges that are to be tackled intelligently and confidently.



  • Although in terms of monetary resources, there is not much investment. But it is indeed massively time consuming and requires a lot of practice and devotion.
  • Starting from professional training to general time management and human resource skills, you need to be very conscious about the legal implications as well.
  • Sometimes it is very difficult to separate Black hat SEO from the White hat and incidents of rule violation may occur mistakenly.


Role of Mavishaa in teaching SEO:

Mavishaa is revolutionary and advanced SEO service provider that contains skilled personalities and great resourceful blog. Through this world class service providing site you can learn all about SEO for free and you can proceed in this field with ease for sure!

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What makes a huge traffic site? Uncompromisingly, we want to make sure three things in it: passion, devotion and white-hat-SEO; in addition of legal search engine optimization. Up until, all SEO experts have agreed and have engaged into this discussion with the sense that prefix white-hat could contribute much for getting huge traffic. Questions may further raise, why is white-hat? Why not back hat? In this article, Mavishaa brought this discussion in details for our readers and viewers.

Traffic gain and white hat SEO:

Now, before starting let us know about white hat SEO. This term ‘White hat SEO’ is as white as the name and points towards the techniques of increasing Page rank and increasing traffic for a particular site in the search engine. Because of its wide use and appropriateness it is approved by search engines. White hat SEO plays a great role in SERP increment and position upheaval.

SERP and white hat techniques:

SERP is a crucial term that is extremely significant in the concept of white hat seo. Generally referring to search performance on a search engine results page, a good SERP is the final destination of all SEO activities. While white hat seo helps increase SERP, the use of Black hat SEO does quite the opposite.

Completely contrast to Black Hat:

While there is brightness there is also a dark side walking hand in hand. Similar to the physical world, virtual world has villains too and black hat SEO is one of them. Black hat SEO is the term used to underline exploitation of the Search engine manipulation powers. Excessive link abuse, unnecessary key words and duplicate contents are the signs of Black hat SEO use. While this can get a site blocked, the white hat SEO is there to save the day. Completely contradicting Black hat SEO, this legitimate process is efficient and harmless.

Safest service featuring white hat SEO:

While opening an online site, one must be very cautious that nothing but White Hat SEO techniques are implemented for increasing rank and search page position. In order to do so, the easiest shortcut way is hiring a professional SEO service provider to do the task for you. With Mavishaa the work is way easier. Being extremely efficient and skilled in Pure White Hat SEO techniques, the Mavishaa can relieve you from all the page ranking and traffic tensions. So adapt Mavishaa service and save a lot of your precious time, devotion and engagement.

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Search engine Optimization or SEO is a widely used term of the internet world which points towards the process of influencing the organic search result section of the internet Search Engines. Being a part of the whole site promotion procedure, SEO is a very important member of the bigger picture. Many don’t know more than this about Search Engine Optimization. SO, to quench the thirst of curiosity, Mavishaa SEO service provider presents the top ten conceptual facts about Search engine Optimization those are enough for the basic operations and functioning.

Top Ten Conceptual Facts about Search Engine Optimization

  1. Search engine optimization role in rank elevation:

A sites popularity, business prospect and future on the whole to a great extent are dependent on its rank in the search engine’s search list. Whether it is Google, Bing or Yahoo, the Search Engines on their first page enlist only those sites that make the cut for the standard rules and requirements along with a great traffic and good review. Here is where SEO comes in and makes sure that your site makes the cut.


  1. White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO:

Based on the techniques adapted, there are two types of Search Engine Optimization: The Black Hat or illegal SEO and the White Hat or Legal SEO.


  1. Paid SEM and Organic optimization:

Based on the placement of the promotional links there are two main types of Search Engine Optimization- the Paid Search Engine Marketing and the unpaid natural looking optimization.


  1. Mechanism of SEO:

The working mechanism of SEO is very simple. IF you follow all the rules and regulations set by the Search Engine and your site gets good reviews and numerous clicks and references, then your site is well deserved to make it to the top position in the search list. This is how Search Engine Optimization works in a nutshell.


  1. SEO tools- Free and Paid:

Among the natural looking Search Engine Optimization, there are two further divisions based on the methods adapted. Those two divisions are the free SEO which you do by yourself and the paid SEO is referred when you are too busy to do it yourself and pay someone else to do it for you in exchange of a price.

If you plan to do it by yourself then you can use various free and paid SEO tools readily available in the market for free or for a price.


  1. The supporting softwares:

There are many types of software that aid SEO. Among them some from reliable sites like Google SEO tools that are reliable whereas others need awareness to be chosen.


  1. Benefits:

Obtaining a great traffic, a good position in the search list of an engine in a cheap price clearly falls under the benefits of SEO.

  1. Challenges:

Many a times case of site ban, fraudulence occurs leaving the site owners devastated only for the wrong SEO steps.

  1. SEO service companies:

There are a lot of SEO companies that provide SEO services with guarantee. While some are reliable, others are robbing people off millions. Among the reliable sites, Mavishaa is one with 100% client satisfaction worldwide.

  1. Price and efficiency:

In terms of price and efficiency harmony, SEO of Mavishaa is the best in every way.

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White Hat SEO Is The Best Solution For SEO Practitioners

White hat SEO:

White hat seo or white hat search engine optimization refers to the body of approved search engine optimization skill set designed to elevate a websites ranking on a search engine results page .So to say, with the help of white hat seo, one can take their website to a better position in the search list. It is called white hat because it is legitimate in nature and targets simple pallid seo techniques that the search engine allows and sometimes promotes as well.


Techniques to wear the white hat:


There are a lot of techniques with practicing which you can get healthy traffic for your site:

  • Ensure the title and URL includes important keywords.
  • Incorporate relevant key words to the text on the page so that people can find you more easily.
  • Add links and keys that will grasp the reader’s attention and drive the reader deeper into the site.
  • Emphasize on the social media accounts and feature links to the social media. Along with that interact with users in those accounts.
  • Video contents are a big plus point sometimes. Try to insert video contents where needed.
  • Try and get your website to the top of the list. As, according to Chitko, an ad network, the top organic search result receives 33 percent of the traffic; the second result receives 18 percent and the numbers decline sharply for results that appear lower on the page.


Why white hat SEO is different from black hat seo:

Black Hat seo exploits and deceives the audience to get temporary ranking in the search engine list. In Contrast to the black hat, the white hat seo ensures quality content and veracious keywords and thus receives good traffic. So, clearly, although the end result appears same, but the means and the sustainability between the two is greatly different. And that is why white hat seo is always preferred by the search engines and it should be chosen by the seo specialists as well.


Good SEO company:

A very well known company practicing seo is the Mavishaa. It guarantees the best traffic using the cleanest seo. Their white seo hat is well deserved along with their top position. Follow their example and become a famous seo of the industry.

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Marketing Sherpa reports content marketing distribution lead to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic and a 40% increase in revenue! Doing wonders in the search engine and contributing in the overall economy, search engine optimization has occupied a significant part in the market place. The SEO professionals are marvelous at what they do. Then again, the SEO industry has become dynamic with changing trends and techniques. Along with that, there is gigantic competition in this field. Being so, one must make sure that they make a clear statement about their work when it comes to content marketing. There are many ways to triumph the SEO war, but being strategic is the best.



Choose aged external links: The longer your page continues, the more trust you gain from the search engines. Similarly, this principle is also applicable for your external links. The longer they remain the better. Think about it; if that is the case then either you can wait for some time or you can choose relevant aged external links.


Increase page rank: Having a high PR is also a factor that increases your chances of accelerating traffic. Page rank expresses the significance of a site in te eyes of search engines. So if your site is important to them, then it leads to a lot of attention from them. In addition, your crawl rates and site indexation gets faster and higher as well.


Maintain relevance of content and reputation: Most importantly, a good combo of on-page and off-page optimization smiles the last smile and goes on top.With on page factors, it’s not enough to only incorporate key words on the title, body copy, h1 tags and URL. It is equally necessary to give meaning r of the targeted keyword on the page. Moreover, you can also use synonyms to make it seem more innate. But make sure that the density of the key word is within the range of 0.6-2.0%. Refraining from over doing it is something you must acquire with time.


Mobile SEO strategies: Mobile SEO Strategies are a top priority in 2014. With the mass revolution of mobile electronic devices, your strategies must not exclude consideration for mobiles. Research conducted with Nielsen shows that 48% of mobile consumers start their purchase journey with paid and organic search results.

Prioritizing social media: The online marketers claim that by 2017, internet users that use a social network will reach 2.55 billion! So it is obvious why this group of audience need to be included in your construction of seo strategies.


Hiring SEO Talent: At present, there are many promising seo experts and agencies. For example, Mavishaa is a really promising agency with seo talented experts. Like most people you can also opt for this.

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Tips For Obtaining The Best SEO Services Easily

This is the biggest lagging of most customers that is they settle for good. While remaining indifferent about their necessities and rights, the customers fail to extract the complete service most of the time. Undeniably, every site owner wants a spot at the first page of Google. Being so, here is a list of factors that are required to be acknowledged for the best SEO experience.

Ways to obtain it:

Apart from doing the Search engine marketing yourself, you can check out the two other easy ways to get a good rank in the search list-

  1. Paid Search Engine Marketing or SEM
  2. Innate search engine optimization or SEO


The promise of number one rank and reality:

Now days, many companies have initiated fraudulent SEO services that claim to guarantee the first rank in the Google ranking or in the first page of the search engine list. But in reality they cheat the customers by utilizing the agreement loop holes. Sometimes they make you number one against an ineffective keyword or an inactive search engine. Sadly, most of the times, they display no result and flee with your hard earned money.

Tips to choose your service:

  • Check out the clients’ reviews of the SEO site for the best insight.
  • Compare and contrast to ensure the harmonious balance between the price and quality of the SEO service.
  • Check whether the site is credible and dependable. One of the smart ways to do so is y selecting the older service providers.
  • Just because an agency is doing the task of getting you to the first page don’t imply that you shouldn’t involve yourself in learning about the search engine ranking factors. For instance, in case of Google, you cannot take your site to the first page unless you follow all the Google search engine ranking factors. So it is important that you educate yourself before choosing the suitable site.


Educating yourself with the basics of SEO, you can ensure an informed decision regarding the selection of best SEO service.

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SEO Tool Master In A Day

Keeping pace with the rotating earth, people now a day want to excel at everything but refuse to invest a lot of time to a certain project. Present trends are all about one days and one time go’s. So for the potential and aspiring seo enthusiasts, this article is specially designed to discuss the tricks to acquire expertise in the field of seo with the help of available tools.

In the form of software:

First and shortest road to seo is the softwares and application tools. While many types of software are provided for free, many require registration and a good amount of cash. Here is a list of good objective seo softwares that you might like for conducting self induced search engine optimization.

Name of the software Utilization
Moz analytics : Measure and improve your organic traffic.
Keyword Difficulty : Finds the difficulty level for a specific keyword and the competitors
Crawl Audit : Run a site audit up to 3000 pages against any public domain and get analysis
Rank Tracker :

Get immediate reports on where pages or domain rank in the search engines for a particular term.


In the form of article and websites:

Along with the above seo articles, there are a mammoth number of search engine optimization websites such as, Moz, SearchEngineLand, SEOBook, SERoundtable etc, many sites receive payment and many provide preliminary free service and demand a high rate afterwards.

Now, according to Forbes, seo articles composition is among the topmost trends of 2014. So you can understand that how readily available information on search engine optimization is.

In the form of agency:

From the title it is evident that search engine optimization has been turned into a profitable business by a ton of organizations who call themselves seo agency. Unfortunately, most fail to get full customer contentment yet bag a lot of money. So the reference of those agencies cannot be guaranteed.

However, the America and UK client based Mavishaa can be referred to as brilliant seo agency that will help you become a seo tool master through low priced passive consultation along with all the real deals.

Good tutorials on this topic:

There was once a time when very few people knew about the importance of seo and practiced it. Now things have changed a lot. In the present scenario, there are many individuals who themselves practice and also make tutorials to teach others.

If you have ample time and you are determined that you want to become a seo tool master all by yourself, then the perfect solution for you is to check out those tutorials.

In conclusion, it can be said that if you have the right tools and sheer longing, no can stop you from becoming a seo master in a day.

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SEO In Black And White

In a world filled with shades of grey, thankfully, some things can be differentiated in terms of black and white. Expanding and improving with time, SEO is one of those things. To tell the truth, there are many articles written by many specialists about black and white seo jam packed with countless technical terms and languages. In the end, the common newbie remains confused and unaware if the difference between the black and white. So this article is about the tale of the White and black seo for the understanding of the non-technical readers.


Not so long ago from now, in 1997, an industry analyst Danny Sullivan came up with a game changing name for a relatively new practice. Well known by that name, Search Engine Optimization stated the initiation of a premium web experience and still is progressing forward day by day.

When it all first started, all the curious minds focused on seo and grabbed every opportunity to become a seo specialist. Turning out to be no different from other new ideas, there raised a group that exploited this very idea and started doing abusing this technique. Being criminal in nature, black seo or black hat seo started corrupting and polluting the web search list. Like the dynamite, black hat seo was about to make the search engine explode with destructive, hollow contents. Then something really dramatic happened. Realizing the necessity of putting an end to this, the search engines started declaring restricting rules against the seo skill abuse. To top it off, they set a bench mark and a few regulations to define permissible natural search engine optimization now we recognize as White hat seo. And that is how the hero (White hat seo) saved the world from the villain (Black hat seo)!


MAIN DIFFERENCE: The white and Black contrast.

After reading this interesting story, you are scrolling down then it must mean that I have captures your attention and you want to know more. Since we have covered the general idea, let us go deep into the matter. There are two important factors among the two types of seo and the seo services as well.

Risk Factor: First of all, black seo is very risky. White seo abides by the rules of the search engine and has negligible or zero chance of being rejected by the engine. On the other hand, although the black seo gets the result comparatively faster, but if by any chance the search engine understands the tricks, that particular site will be banned for lifetime. It is a big punishment that makes the black hat seo riskier than the white hat seo.

Sustainability: Black hat seo is designed for obtaining maximum traffic in short time. Accordingly, it is not so sustaining. On the other hand, White hat seo ensures good quality content and thus confirms sustainable traffic and longevity of the site.

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Hard Core Successful SEO Companies And Their Secrets

Whenever we search for a particular word, we find many related content in the search list. These contents make it to the top page mostly with the help of professional Search Engine Optimization services or related agencies. Indeed, search engine optimization is a rapid growing market with high potentials. Now the question is, why some SEO Companies become more popular and successful while others fail or are blocked? The answer is quite complicated. As such, let us break it down in small simple parts.

Perfect Balance between affordability and uncompromised quality:

In this competitive world, one must make sure that their service is affordable as well as cost effective. Most of the times, a customer in tight budget will be inclined towards the cheaper package that seem reliable and has good remarks. For instance, service providers like Groove SEO Company and SEOWerkz followed this principle and now they are in the top ten’s list according to

Challenging and improving marketing strategies continuously:

SEO service is a dynamic business field. If one wants to be a topper, that agency must consider constant analysis and renovation. Without the proper maintenance, even the sharpest knife rusts. So to speak, it is wise to challenge and upgrade the marketing strategies every trimester.

Updating the delivery process of premium service to the clients:

After being hired for a task, what really matters is the delivery. Unfortunately, in majority cases, the SEO Company loses their customers to better service providers who give a premium delivery to their customers.

Diversify the service range:

Surely, this is the era of multitasking. Everyone wants all in one solutions. And that is why they prefer the agencies that enable Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Development, Marketing all in one packages. Considering the current trend, every agency should rethink about incorporating multipurpose packages in their service list. Like the Mavishaa and Connelly digital agency have done.         

Conveniently Customized service provision:

All customers think that their job is more important and urgent. Desiring to be treated special, customers keep contact with only those agencies that make their clients feel important and special.

Proper projection of practical experience:

There are many companies that have what it takes to be at the top with their years of experience and unmatched expertise. Alas! Not all corporations can properly exhibit or display their port folio successfully. The ones, who do, end up in the top list of the search engine.

Flexibility and outstanding customer care:

Last but not the least, flexibility and brilliant customer care of the Search Engine Optimization companies is indispensable to win the SEO race.


One such aspiring agency:

It would be very unjust if one such aspiring example is not included. Being said that, the best example at this instance is Mavishaa. Illuminated with zeal and ardor, Mavishaa started its journey in 2013 and is now a globally recognized search engine optimization service provider. Following these principles they have brought radical change in their business and now proudly claim their veracious extensive popularity. Their price is the lowest and in complete harmony with their quality and finesse. Evidently it is now a first-class choice for UK, USA and Australia based business site SEO and for individual site owners as well.

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