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Mavishaa aims at maximizing individual satisfaction through the SEO, Web-developing and Online marketing service provided by it. The following Terms and conditions are required to be met before entering into any contract with Mavishaa.

Payment Policy


  • SEO and Online Marketing:


The analysis based on the type of business or service concerned, starts immediately after you contact Mavishaa with all the necessary information required. The service including SEO and Online Marketing starts on the very day you purchase our package and make payment of 1 month in advance (Mavishaa recommends you to purchase a 3 months package altogether for the ease of meeting the result).

  • Again, SEO and Online Marketing is an ongoing process and it requires the customer to continue for the least of 1 month and 3 months for a better result.


  • Web Design and Development:


Our policy regarding Web design and Development is specifically designed according to the ease of payment and it follows as an advance payment of 33% to be paid at the beginning of the process. The next 33% is to be paid during the half of the process in operation. The later 33% is requested to pay off by the end of the completion of the process.

  • We deliver a 100% resemblance of the design provided to Mavishaa.




The information required to process SEO, Web-development with, requires authenticity implied within. No copying will be tolerated thereby and the compensation on that ground shall levy on the customer concerned.

Mavishaa follows its own terms and any changes shall be made during its period in operation. Apart from those of its own, Mavishaa follows the terms and condition and privacy policy in relation to the other websites, internet policy or search engines it works with.

Mavishaa shall not be held responsible for the damage caused by any copywriting issue that emerges from the information provided by the customer concerned.


Privileged Information Policy


Mavishaa strictly maintains the “privileged information policy” and shall be trusted with not disclosing that otherwise.

About SEO Service

SEO service can’t generate its result overnight. Our 1 month is the minimum you can purchase regarding SEO service. The customers are required to hold their patience throughout the process.